New video in the video section
I have put my new video (hosted by YouTube) on my website. It is called "Kausalität (Causality)" and took me several days to complete. Go and check it out. Read More

Participation in URMO, March 2008
I've been at the URMO on Tuesday, March 27th, but this time I wasn't a student. Read More

Newspaper article about me
The newspaper article about me finding a job through the URMO last October has been published. Read More

Interview with local newspaper
  Today a reporter of the NWZ visited me at OpenKnowledge GmbH to interview me and my boss about the recruiting fair that helped me to get my first employment.
Read More

Borg Assault - A new game
There is a (pretty instable version of a) new game in the download section. Read More

I'am through with the univerisity
Today (well, considering the time I must say yesterday) I've done the presentation for my master thesis. Read More

Uploads to the download section
A lot of stuff has been added to the download section of the site. Read More

Date of my Master thesis presentation
On Tuesday 15.01.2008 I will have to do the final presentation of my Master thesis. Read More

Delivery of my Master thesis
I recently finished my Master thesis and delivered it to the exam's office of the University of Oldenburg. Read More

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