This is the download section for the creative works I would like to share with you.

My Master Thesis
Master thesis document (German)downloads: 3517 | type: pdf | size: 2 MB
This is a PDF file containing the project report of my master thesis. The topic was "Construction of a Java framework for 3D Point & Click adventure games". Have a look if you are interested and have a good knowledge of the German language.

Presentation slides (German)downloads: 2024 | type: pdf | size: 592 kB
The slides for my Master thesis presentation.

Demo game (German)downloads: 1635 | type: zip | size: 31 MB
This is the demo game I made for my master thesis project, proving that my 3D point & click adventure framework actually turned out to be quite well-engineered. I used Java and OpenGL to create it. The game comes with a complete speech pack which has been performed by my girlfriend Marina Dicken, Christian Kruse and me.

JavaDocdownloads: 1553 | type: zip | size: 1 MB
This file contains the complete JavaDoc of my Master thesis project.

Source Codedownloads: 1539 | type: zip | size: 394 kB
This file contains the complete Java source code of my Master thesis project.

Tutorialsdownloads: 1615 | type: zip | size: 9 MB
This file contains a bunch of tutorials for using the 3D game engine, the adventure framework and the enclosed room editor. Be aware that the tutorials are not complete at all. A lot of topics don't get covered yet.

BAdventuresdownloads: 1488 | type: zip | size: 7 MB
Demo game for my first try of a 2D point & click adventure framework. Technically it works quite well, but it looks really ugly and has no defined ending so far. I used the GTGE as a 2D game engine to set my framework on top of it.

Borg Assaultdownloads: 1455 | type: zip | size: 11 MB
A little game that I made with the 3D engine from my Master thesis project. It was done in one and a half days and is very very simple. The goal is to destroy the big hostile Borg cube and try to beat your own time. Take care of the falling bombs that can drain your energy to zero and make you die if enough of them touch the ground. The Borg cube is vulnerable only for a short time between two waves of bombs. Left mouse button to fire, right button to reload. That's it.

Note: I have found that the game's sound works fine on pretty new versions of the Java Runtime Environment but not on older ones. JRE6 is definitly working but some early versions of JRE5 experience sound problems.

SimoGLdownloads: 1470 | type: zip | size: 8 MB
My first attempt to write a small computer game using OpenGL with Java. It's some kind of economy simulation game, but on a very small scale. Just give it a try. Even if it is really NOT very sophisticated and has a lot of internal technical flaws.

Sound files
Das Fenster zur Seeledownloads: 1482 | type: mp3 | size: 3 MB
This is a voice recording of my poem "Das Fenster zur Seele". It comes with some fancy background samples to emphasize some of the situations which are described in the poem.

Ode an den K√∂rperschmuck (slow version)downloads: 1447 | type: mp3 | size: 2 MB
This is a voice recording of my poem "Ode an den Körperschmuck". I combined reciting the poem with a very dreamful song of the soundtrack from the "Gladiator" movie. It's pretty old stuff though.

Stingray feat. Frank - Smokey For Presidentdownloads: 1405 | type: mp3 | size: 3 MB
A song by Christian Kruse. I helped him out with some background vocals during the chorus. Althogh it possibly would have been nicer without my contribution ;-)

Video clips
Behind Enemy Lines re-dubbing (German)downloads: 1473 | type: avi | size: 31 MB
My friend Christian Kruse and I tried to do a funny dubbing of the surface-to-air-missile (SAM) attack scene from the "Behind Enemy Lines" movie. It took quite some time to produce, because we had to create all the background sounds on our own. Meanwhile the humour is a little bit outdated, because speaking German with the typical Turkish slang accent is just not funny anymore ;-)

Dubbing of a scene from the movie "Face/Offdownloads: 1404 | type: avi | size: 12 MB
I did a dubbing of the popular mirror scene from the great John Woo movie "Face/Off". The original texts of the dialogues have not been changed.

Matrix scene dubbing (German)downloads: 1382 | type: avi | size: 58 MB
I did a very embarrassing dubbing of a quite calm scene from the first Matrix movie. It must have been ages ago, but it sounds funny, because it's so amateurish.

Cozy Moon (German)downloads: 1444 | type: mov | size: 19 MB
This little movie trailer kind of clip is the result of a whole day shooting and a lot of postprocessing. My friend Christian Kruse had to deliver that movie clip for a school project and kindly invited me to participate in it. Trying to be an actor was a lot of fun and an interesting experience as well. Beeing a professional actor is most certainly not as easy as it might have apeared to me before. I, at least, realized that it is quite hard to remember and pronounce your text correctly and to try to act at the same time. This probably needs a lot of training. Respect to the real actors!