Interview with local newspaper

Posted by Frank Bruns (johnrico2000) on 22.05.2009 at 11:08
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Today a reporter of the NWZ, the newspaper for Oldenburg and its surroundings, visited me at the company I work for, OpenKnowledge GmbH. He interviewed me and my boss, because there will be a recruiting fair late March. I made contact with OpenKnowledge GmbH at the last edition of that fair in October 2007. The reporter intends to write an article about that upcoming recruituing fair in March and would like to present a successful employement case (a success story) as a result of the last one.

After the interview he shot some photos of me and my boss. We'll see if they will be part of the article.

The article is meant to appear sometime come weekend and I'm really interested in what the reporter is going to write. As soon as the article is available I will put it up on my website for everyone to see.



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