Delivery of my Master thesis

Posted by Frank Bruns (johnrico2000) on 22.05.2009 at 11:09
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On December 6th I had to deliver my Master thesis to the exam's office of the University of Oldenburg.
For my Master thesis I have programmed a 3D game engine in Java using JOGL API as a binding to OpenGL. On top of that engine I have set a framework for creating 3D Point & Click adventure games. Implementing this framework was the second big part of the project.

Programming took me an overall time of more than six month. On the whole I produced approx. 50.000 lines of strictly object oriented Java code. In addition to that I had to write a project report, which took me approx. four month. The document sums up to 140 pages.

Soon I will put my master thesis online. Just in case someone is interested. Keep on checking the download section once in a while.



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